A downloadable game for Windows

MiniLD62 entry : "Boss Fight" : Rate the entry on the Ludum Dare website

Controls : arrow keys to move, Up arrow to jump, left click to shoot

Playing the "Bugfixed" version is highly recommended, as the jam version features game-breaking bugs!

made using Unity 3D
Beware : I didn't managed to finish up the game properly before the deadline

Update 08.10.2015 : a Mac version of the bugfixed build has been uploaded. It is untested so I hope it works well enough!

Update 02.10.2015 : a bugfixed version has been uploaded to correct the gameplay-breaking bugs and glitches - the game is otherwise the same as the jam version.

by alpha_rat - http://alpharats.com

music and sfx by HasarDeDoria - http://soundcloud.com/hasardedoria


Recommended - MiniLD62 - Taurus (bugfixed) - (Windows).zip 19 MB
Untested - MiniLD62- Taurus(bugfixed) - (Mac).zip 20 MB
miniLD62- Taurus (Windows).rar 14 MB


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Music and sfx : https://soundcloud.com/hasardedoria