Game made during the Berlin Mini Game Jam in 8h (solo web participation)
themes : Day and Night + Limited color palette
(unfinished, missing features and a few bugs)

Move : arrows / kill : spacebar

You're a rabbit during daytime changing into a wareworlf at night
- Rabbit mode : each flower collected adds 1 second to nightime
- Wareworlf mode : kill chacals by pressing Spacebar to augment your score

// notes :
- it was supposed to have some chacals spawning during daytime and trying to kill the rabbit (so wereworlf mode = revenge)
- the spawning of the chacals is very very erratic
- this version of the game has no end for the moment, don't worry if you keep switching between characters endlessly

Tools : Contruct2, phooshop & Bfxr

I think I'll rework it and release a more finished version later